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Article 8

Fall Planting

It's not just time to plant bulbs, it's also a great time to be planting or moving your perennials, trees, shrubs and vines. The soil is nice and warm still and there is more rain now so when you plant or transplant your favourite perennial, tree, shrub or vine it has time to get its roots really well established. What this means for you the gardener is that next spring your fall planted plants will look and act like they had been planted the previous spring. You will have great growth and flowering that puts a smile on any gardeners face.

Here is a sampling of some of the plants here at the nursery you might like to try:


Festuca glauca Pepindale Blue: This gorgeous looking small grass is a wonderful addition to your garden. With it's blue, blue foliage and small size (1' x 1') there is a spot or two for this grass in any sized garden. It is evergreen, likes the sun and well drained soil. I wouldn't be without it.

Pennisetum seteceum rubra: This extremely popular grass is a joy to grow. With it's soft, waving seed heads it's impossible not to run your fingers through them and the purple foliage looks wonderful where ever you plant it. In the lower mainland this grass is marginally hardy, too much rain and cold and poof it's gone. However several of our customers have had it return for them. I treat it as an annual and if it comes back it's a bonus. Purple Fountain Grass likes lots of sun and good drainage.

Carex Evergold: An evergreen grass with golden variegated foliage, it will brighten up any shady spot in your garden. That's right, this is a great grass for growing in the shade garden. Easy to grow, just keep it moist and it will form a lovely 1 foot by 1 foot clump of brightness in your garden.


Brunnera Jack Frost: A stunning plant with silver foliage and in the spring clouds of blue flowers. This one is for the shade and really creates a punch in the shade garden. A must have for every garden.

Gaillardia Fanfare: This new cultivar of the gaillardia family certainly adds a lot of colour to the garden just when other plants are fading. It loves the sun and once established is drought tolerant. The petals form little trumpets hence the name. Brilliant for the garden.

Sedum Matrona: With it's deep purple leaves and pink flowers this is a great addition to the sunny part of your garden. Pair it with Sedum Angelina for a real contrast in colour and texture. It likes well drained soil and is drought tolerant once established.

These are just a few of the plants available for fall planting. Come by and see what else we have here at The Natural Gardener.


Festuca glauca Pepindale Blue


Pennisetum seteceum rubra


Carex Evergold


Brunnera Jack Frost


Gaillardia Fanfare


Sedum Matrona


Sedum Angelina

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